Promoting quality education for all.

United World Schools

Since 2009, United World Schools (UWS) has worked in the world’s most impoverished regions to give every child access to free education. The NGO works with local communities and governments to invest in sustainable education; helping communities across the globe break the cycle of illiteracy in one generation.

UWS partners with local communities and supporters around the world to establish schools and teach the unreached. Since 2009, UWS has enrolled over 43,000 children into over 250 schools across Cambodia, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Nepal, giving them the skills they need to build for the future.

Often, UWS students are from remote villages, and many belong to ethnic-minority groups. United World Schools is teaching these children to read, write and count in their own language and close to their homes; giving them a chance to access opportunities that will transform their life chances and those of their families.

UWS-USA is the Washington, D.C.-based arm of the international organization, and works across the North American donor, policy, and media landscape to advance UWS’ mission of quality education for all out-of-school children throughout the world.