Promoting quality education for all.


At WomenOne we strive to create a world where every woman and girl has access to a quality education. One educated girl not only has the power to break the cycle of poverty and fight against inequality but she also has the power to positively impact the lives of her family, her community and her nation.  We believe in the power of ONE educated girl to transform her life, inspire others and change the world.

WomenOne was founded by former supermodel, author and UNICEF Ambassador Dayle Haddon.  Through her work, Dayle encountered many women who helped her understand the challenges and hardships that women face around the world.  Their stories of poverty, risk, and unrealized dreams exposed the real circumstances and experiences of so many women who lack educational opportunities.  Dayle was moved to take action and get involved.

In 2008, Dayle established WomenOne, a non-profit that works with institutions and partner organizations towards its mission to provide women and girls who are faced with extreme poverty, cultural barriers and conflict-affected environments the opportunity to receive a quality education.  WomenOne acts from a rights-based approach and ensures that its activities and programs are innovative, evidence-based and sustainable.

Through research, advocacy and programming, WomenOne has supported secondary schooling for girls in Kenya and Turkey, has partnered with Duke University and Save the Children to support girls education in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan and is currently developing programs to address the educational needs of adolescent mothers in Eastern and Southern Africa. 

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