Promoting quality education for all.

World Fund

WORLDFUND was founded in December 2002 by former Wall Street executive Luanne Zurlo. By carefully selecting pedagogical partners and building alliances with local education authorities, Worldfund has swiftly become the premier U.S. non-profit dedicated exclusively to improving basic K-12 education in Latin America. All of our programs emphasize the teacher-student bond and focus on critical skills for personal growth and employability.

Wordfund’s programs have evolved dramatically over the decade. Initially, we invested in exemplary private schools serving the poor that deliver quality academics and integrate the whole family. Today Worldfund continues to support five schools in Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, and Peru.

In 2007 Worldfund identified the region’s key need – teacher quality – and moved nimbly to address it. We began to roll-out intensive training programs for teachers and principals in the region’s vast public school systems. Unlike bricks and mortar, these programs can scale quickly and reach thousands more children – exponentially – per year. A teacher whose career is likely to span 40 years can positively impact thousands of children; the same holds true for a school principal. Furthermore, research clearly indicates that teacher quality is a key driver of school quality.

Our training programs – STEM Brasil, IAPE and LISTO – are designed to inspire teachers to attain the highest standards of the profession. They are multi-year courses delivered in-person in the region by local Worldfund-trained trainers. Featuring world-class content, the programs help educators take charge of learning outcomes, engage students, and develop assignments that encourage creative problem solving. They also support and mentor educators as they embrace their vital role in society.

--Our Story, from WorldFund