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example of the box activity in Germany Girls around the world face many barriers when trying to access their right to education. Some have long distances to walk, some must stay home and help family members, some have schools nearby that are ill-equipped to be safe spaces for them and some just simply are not allowed to go because they are girls. 

Help us build awareness about this issue this International Day of the Girl and help us "Box out the Barriers," by joining our nationwide action. We are asking groups of people around the nation to build an installation--big or small--on their campuses or in their communities with boxes. Each box will highlight one barrier that girls face around the world (e.g. early marriage, poverty, location, etc.) and the entire installation will serve as a conversation starter for anyone that walks by.

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Help us "Box Out the Barriers" this IDG and tell us why you believe that we should make sure/help #girlsdreambig!