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Lesson For All: Enhancing Global Competence

The Lesson for All is a set of three units focused on the right of education and the barriers that youth around the world experience when trying to access that right. Written by teachers Donna Roman (K-3 and 4-5) and Craig Perrier (High School), each unit (K-3 and 4-5) or module (High School) has four lessons with multimedia, discussion, and modes of assessment. Each lesson is mapped to the Common Core State Standards and the Global Competence Matrix. 

Lesson for All: Enhancing Global Competence, A Primary Unit-Grades K-1

Lesson for All: Enhancing Global Competence, A Primary Unit- Grades 2-3

Lesson for All: Enhancing Global Competence, An Intermediate Unit-Grades 4-5

Lesson for All: Enhancing Global Competence, A Series of High School Modules: Economics, History/Geography and Government

Lesson for All,  Project Based Learning Supplement for ages 12-18

Quality texts to support learning about human rights and education for all

Additional Background and Extension:

Learn the Issues: Action Topics

Teach Human Rights: Girls Education, from AFT


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Lessons created by Global Learning Fellows 2013 and 2014, NEA Foundation

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