Promoting quality education for all.

January 24, 2013

Washington, D.C.—-Today, the Global Campaign for Education-US Chapter released a policy paper titled, “Total Reach, Total Learning: Education Beyond 2015,” a reasoned presentation of what GCE-US and its coalition members believe the future education Millennium Development Goal (MDG) should look like and account for when the current MDGs( expire in 2015.

“Putting education on the international agenda in the form of an MDG was a powerful motivator and catalyst for governments and non-government organizations (NGOs) that resulted in a significant drop of out of school children of primary age from 108 million to 61 million (nearly a 50 percent decrease),” said GCE-US Executive Director, Dr. Edwin Gragert. “While, as it stands now, we have not achieved universal primary education, GCE-US believes that we must continue to press forward to both enhance learning and increase access beyond primary education as a tool for sustainable development worldwide.”

In the paper, GCE-US, proposes a goal of: “By 2030, all children and youth are receiving a quality pre-primary, primary, and lower secondary education,” and supplies evidence for the need to evaluate quality education through indicators, including but not limited to, textbook to student ratios, trained teacher-to-student ratios and proportion of students demonstrating adequate abilities in all learning domains.

To access a copy of “Total Reach, Total Learning: Education Beyond 2015,” click here.


The Global Campaign for Education, U.S. Chapter (GCE-US) is a broad-based coalition of U.S. organizations including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), teachers’ unions, foundations, faith-based groups, and think tanks dedicated to ensuring universal quality education.