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January 14, 2019 

Contact: Jennifer Rigg, Executive Director,

The Global Campaign for Education-US is pleased that Representative Fitzpatrick (R-PA) will serve as the new Co-Chair of the Congressional International Basic Education Caucus. Representative Fitzpatrick has been a continuous supporter for foreign assistance and international education throughout his congressional career.

GCE-US is equally grateful for retiring Representative Dave Reichert’s (WA-08) service as Co-Chair of the Congressional International Basic Education Caucus, and we look forward to the coming years of continued education advocacy and partnership.

In 2015, the International Basic Education Caucus was founded by Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) and Representative Reichert to establish a forum for addressing global education issues in Congress. The caucus aims to heighten congressional support for international basic education programs; promote an understanding of issues that prevent the proliferation of quality, accessible schooling; build bipartisan leadership to address these issues; and establish an outlet to respond quickly to global events and crises related to education. 

As Co-Chair of the International Basic Education Caucus, Representative Fitzpatrick will serve as a leading champion in Congress for the millions of children and youth around the world who are unable to access a quality education. 

“I am proud to join Congressman Mike Quigley as a Co-Chair of the bipartisan International Basic Education Caucus. This bipartisan group of legislators aims to support international basic education and act quickly to respond to global events that affect access to quality education,” said Representative Fitzpatrick.

GCE-US expresses our gratitude to Representative Quigley and Representative Fitzpatrick as we anticipate an exciting and influential year for international education leadership in Congress. We look forward to opportunities for collaboration to ensure  universal quality, inclusive education for everyone.