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The Story

Girls around the world are often left out of the conversation. In 2000, girls accounted for nearly two thirds of children out of school. Now it stands at half and work is continuing.

There are about 63 million girls out of primary school around the world and this number grows to nearly 100 million when you include adolescent girls. Girls are more likely to have to stay at home and tend younger siblings and other household chores and 1 in 3 girls in the developing world are married before the age of 18 and their fortunes are often tied to men--from fathers, to brothers, to husbands to sons. 

Even though they are marginalized throughout the world, investing in women and girls makes the difference. It is estimated that about 60 low to middle income countries are losing nearly 90 billion dollars a year by not educating their girls to the level they do their boys. Each year past the 4th grade that a girl is in school equals 15 percent raise in her future annual income and as adults girls are more likely to invest a far larger percentage of her income back into her family.

By investing in girls you are investing in their future, their family's future and their country's future.

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