Promoting quality education for all.

The Story

1 in 5 young people in developing countries have never completed primary school and studies have shown that it is essential in today's societies to have at least finished nine years of school.

Youth voices and actions are powerful, especially when given agency over their own futures. Education is a sound way to empower and make sure they are given all the skills they need to thrive. The 2012 Education For All Global Monitoring Report was entitled as an effort to evaluate how the Millennium Development Goals have impacted youth around the world and it said that secondary school is the most effective way to attain skills that will be most helpful in the workforce. The world recognized this by adding secondary school completion to the education Sustainable Development Goal, but work is still left to be done. As it stands, 60 million youth of lower secondary age (12-14) are out of school and 142 million youth of upper secondary age (15-17) are out of school. 

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